EMEA Brand Developments

The brief:

1. Develop a unique and relevant brand proposition that captures the spirits of all athletes.

2. Launch the new brand proposition in EMEA’s to increase instant brand awareness levels.

3. Help launch new sponsorships.

The barriers:

A very cluttered market with Nike and adidas dominating the performance sports market.

The answer:

Under Armour is truly driven by apparel innovation – radically changing what athletes wear, to improve their performance. To underline this we created a new sports performance mantra for Under Armour: you need to disrupt to improve. We pitted Under Armour athletes from different discliplines against eachother in spectacular cross-training sessions. Videos of these sessions were filmed live and pushed to retail, Facebook, Youtube and TV. Through a special media-partnership with MTV, we even created a special Olympics 2012 show.

Their creative process was filmed and shared with their followers and through local C&A Facebook-, Twitter-, and Youtube-channels.

The results:

Led to Under Armour’s ‘New Armour. New Battles.’ kit-launch for Tottenham Hotspur, which counted over 900 million impressions in media.