Benelux Galaxy Apollo Campaign

The brief:

Create an exciting social campaign for people to engage with the Samsung Galaxy Apollo.

The barriers:

The Galaxy Apollo was already launched in the media.

The answer:

The Samsung Galaxy made it uniquely simple to connect with your friends through Facebook. So we invited people to expand their social network, literally anywhere, through the use of the Samsung Galaxy Apollo. Equaling the phone to having more friends.

We were where the audience where, we hung out with them at school, on the streets, we engaged with them on social media communities, through Facebook newsfeeds, asking people to ‘Expand Your Social Universe’ through our Social Universe-app.

The reward was a typeface poster that was made from the Facebook-pictures of your friends, ready to be shared with all your social media channels.

The results:

– 39,118 unique App visits (average 2min 10sec.)
– 765,130 Facebook newsfeed Samsung Apollo branded messages.
– Facebook used this Apollo campaign as a demonstration of ‘How to use Facebook Successfully.’.