Global Innovation Platform

The brief:

1. Create and launch HEINEKEN’s global collaborative innovation-platform.

2. Launch global innovation challenges.

3. Drive global awareness around HEINEKEN innovation.

4. Help expand the HEINEKEN innovation network globally.

The barriers:

Beer innovation was an untapped territory in terms of co-creation.

The answer:

We created the ‘Ideas Brewery’ platform – an online co-creation platform – to house innovation challenges and invited the world by calling out that HEINEKEN is ‘Open for Innovation’.

The first innovation challenge was launched with ’48 hours of live innovation’, where we invited 3d-printing pioneer Janne Kytannen to crack the brief whilst being locked in a white room for 48 hours with the brief and a 3d printer. His creative process was illustrated on the walls by an mysterious accomplice and people could react through Skype and Twitter on his endeavors.

Their creative process was filmed and shared with their followers and through local C&A Facebook-, Twitter-, and Youtube-channels.

The results:

40 million+ impressions on Launch. Coverage from PSFK, Core77 to CNN Money.
- Hundreds of qualitative solutions from countries around the world.
- Mentioned by Contagious Magazine as Most Contagious of 2012.