You never expect the clean, minimal look of Lego bricks and gritty street art to go hand-in-hand. But the modular toy is even more versatile that you think.

Photographer Jeff Friesen takes the subversive artworks of elusive street artist Banksy and builds on them with his Lego-inspired series, Bricksy. Friesen, along with his daughter, is a Lego enthusiast who incorporated Lego into many of his projects including 50 States of Legoand The Great Lego North.

Friesen cleverly reimagines Banksy’s world-renowned images, giving them a considerable clean up. When placing the originals in a more light-hearted context, the subversive artworks are subverted themselves in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. For Friesen, it’s all about getting a good laugh.

Banksy works like “Mother Anarchist” (retitled “Mother of Anarchy” in Friesen’s series) become darkly humorous in the Lego world. “After constructing an apocalyptic urban wasteland out of Lego you either have to laugh or contemplate what weird turns your life is taking,” said Friesen to Mashable.

Fans can chuckle through more of Friesen’s Bricksy series by visiting his website, A Brick Fantastic, or Instagram. Friesen will be releasing a book, United States of LEGO, in September.

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Source: Mashable

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