TV characters may not be real, but the level of detail the writer’s put into these fictional people helps others relate to them. Part of their ability to connect with real life viewers is sharing the same work-related struggles or interests in their free time. But what if the characters on TV had businesses and campaigns of their own in real life? They’d probably look a little something like these.

In his series, TV Series Character Logos, Uruguayan artist Pablo Canepa creates logos for some of prime time’s most beloved heroes, sidekicks and villains. The characters include Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad, Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz from the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Joey Tribbiani and Ross Geller from the much beloved comedy Friends, and Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson from the recently finished How I Met Your Mother. Each individual logo reflects the personalities, and in some case ambitions, of the characters, highlighting their best features as well as their aesthetic.

Canepa wrote that these logos were just a passion project he completed for fun, but it’s clear that he knows his television protagonists and antagonists well, and that he spent a good amount of time perfecting each logo. Any of these many characters would be proud to display these logos on their business cards (if they had any, of course).

ross-geller-700x468 walter-white-700x468 jesse-pinkman-700x468 ted-moseby-700x468 sheldon-cooper-700x468

Source: PSFK

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